Team building

Would you like to have a united and motivated team to achieve a collective goal?

Cohesion and motivation of the teams are a decisive factor. Indeed, a team is only efficient in its work if the members enjoy being together and work together towards the same collective goal.

As part of our training, the practice of a sports activity is essential for relaxation and also for cohesion, motivation, surpassing oneself, elevating confidence and using visualization to reach a goal.

Therefore, the mountains and walking in nature are an excellent learning school teaching one to live and experiment, in a different, positive and open environment, the mechanisms of coaching and team building.

The mountains are rich in teachings as they allow us to recognize our way of functioning by venturing into unknown places and out of our comfort zone. It allows us to recognize our fears, our limits, our beliefs and to seek the yet unknown strenghts within us to surpass ourselves. We then discover new resources that can be transposed into everyday life, such as management of energies, emotions and self-esteem.

One of the benefits of mountain walking is taking care of one’s body and listening to it. It involves setting it in motion with the required energy, the will and motivation to climb and overcome an obstacle, in order to reach a specific goal.

In order to achieve a common goal in the mountains, team building is vital for the proper functioning of the group. It’s not only about our performance and personal abilities, but also about our mutual dependency. Consequently, the group strengthens itself, communicates and unites by sharing its difficulties, its questions, its efforts, its mutual assistance, its expectations, its pleasures, joys and goals.

The desire to attain achieve a collective goal is :

To play an important role in the success of the group, by using adaptive intelligence

To play an important role in the success of the group, by using adaptive intelligence

Adaptive intelligence helps one to find resources to manage new, stressful, complex, unknown and uncertain solutions. It also allows one to adapt to others, to a group and to a new environment. It shows how to master techniques such as breathing and visualization in order to remain serene.

Join a creative and productive group

Join a creative and productive group

A group promotes people’s growth, allows everyone to cooperate and progress to create, innovate and invent. Knowing the capacities and expectations of each individual in a group is a key step in optimal team building. This is what we can call the deep network of relations for better mutual knowledge and strengthened solidarity through strong individual commitment. For the group to be cohesive, it is essential that it operates around mutual values.

To communicate, collective intelligence

To communicate, collective intelligence

Collective intelligence allows individuals to share their knowledge, skills, and experiences towards a common goal. It is also the ability to work together to achieve a collective, cooperative and effective mobilization of skills.
The success of a group of sportspersons or a company over the long term demonstrates that it is necessary to think collectively and develop group creativity.

To be better, to live better, to work better within the group

Collective Intelligence or the fusion of Creative Minds

Strong commitment for strong team building

The training and the sporting activities take place in the mountains in Morocco.

Your teams will gain cohesion, creativity, communication, sportsmanship and competitiveness.

The horse may be used as added value to the learning.

This training is for all companies and sportspersons.

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