Professional fulfillment

Would you like to be fulfilled in your work?

Accompanying someone’s growth within a company is promoting this person’s balance and development in his or her profession.

It is also starting from an unsatisfactory situation and undertaking the coaching to encourage the desired change, and reach new levels of performance.

The common feature that is found in all steps to personal growth in the company, is the desire to be more efficient in one’s professional life.

Thanks to the mirror effect that is produced, the horse will quickly feel what works and what does not work. He will then guide you towards efficient management of your resources, strengths and talents.

Each coaching session assisted by the horse is adapted to your desires

  • Affirm your leadership
  • Trust and delegate
  • Manage your time, your energy in order to deal with heavy work loads
  • Master and make a situation comfortable through visualization
  • Manage your stress
  • Follow your intuition to achieve a goal
  • Adapt to change
  • Address new responsibilities
  • Better understand yourself and work in a pleasant environment with your collegues

Coaching on personal growth in the company with the assistance of the horse is addressed to all employees. It can be done in individual sessions or in groups.