Personal growth

Do you wish to cultivate your life balance?

The primary sources of well-being are good self-esteem, good energy and good emotions under all circumstances. This is also called the base frame on which the balance of our life is founded. Unfortunately, this can be destabilized at any time by events and disruptive elements in our personal or professional life.

Our priority is to assist you on topics such as management of stress, of time and energy, having a good self-image and self-confidence, reaching a new personal or professional goal. We are also here to listen to your needs.

The site “Maroc Loisirs” will allow you to take time for yourself, to let go and believe in a promising future.

We accompany you to find your solutions with the horse thanks to his innate ability to resonate with people. He will help you become aware of your mind and body. He will be your mirror to understand your way of functioning and awaken your inner resources.

In accordance with your expectations, we organize tailor-made sessions or your stay at “Maroc Loisirs” for your personal development coaching assisted by the horse. The exercises with the horses take place on the ground so no knowledge of horses or horse riding is necessary.

Your coaching includes treatments such as a hammam, massages and yoga as well as nutritional advice.