The concept

“The horse is a good master, as much for the body as the heart and mind”

We are just beginning to understand what the philosopher and warlord Xenophon, meant five centuries BC. As a symbol of freedom and power, the horse who has carried us since millenia, forces our admiration not only by its power and its beauty but unconsciously by its capacity to open our heart and our soul. Not only is the horse a formidable link with our subconscious, but he also helps us to reconnect with our authentic self. The healing power of which Xenophon speaks makes the horse an exceptional partner for personal and professional development. We invite you to discover this through “horse coaching” session.

What is “Horse Coaching”?

It is a support to aid individuals or companies in their personal and professional development in order to improve their communication and social skills as well as their leadership capacity. The horse will accompany the person with the help of an equine facilitator, expert in “horse coaching”. After identifying the goal, specific exercises will be done on the ground. No prerequisites are required to participate in a “horse coaching” session. This experience, which takes place in a secure environment, is therefore within the reach of everyone since it requires no prior knowledge of the horse and takes place entirely on the ground. A competent team is on hand at all moments.

In what way does the horse really help us?

As a true expert in body communication, the horse is so aware of the environment that he can decode nonverbal signals. Hypersensitive and endowed with emotional and relational intelligence, he reacts spontaneously and instantly, acting as an emotional barometer. Like a mirror, he will reflect our nonverbal behavior: tension in our body, short breathing, heartbeat variation, change of emotion, … He will detect our inconsistencies (non-alignment in body, soul and spirit), reveal our flaws, our potential and will help us to connect to our trues selves in order to evolve.

Who are our training programs for and where do they take place?

We offer individual or group sessions, to individuals, companies (employees, managers) and sportsperson.

The duration of training varies from one day to one week depending on your goals and availability.

Although our trainings take place in Morocco, some can be done abroad.

We are at your disposal for all requests for cost estimates or additional information.

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